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      Ill buy some if you like, she said; and she pulled up at the linen drapers.Its amost too many for the business, Im thinking, Varley, said Bill; but Varley shook his head.

      He shook his head wearily.

      Norman nodded, and laughed.

      "I perceive," replied Hilary, and smiled in meditation. "Why--thank you, both!"The ecstasy gleamed again and she gave her second item. These weeks she had been seeking, for herself and a guardian aunt, a passport into the Confederacy and lo! here it lay in her pretty hand.

      Till the horns grew out of her tail, tail, tail,Why should you not come? he said, ignoring the reason.


      "Why do you say," asked its recipient, "'as good as any one, to-night'?"



      "Are you from down the river?" asked Anna, quietly putting away her sister's pleading touch and Flora's offer of support.