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      "How have I desired to behold the prophetwho hath risen up to be the champion of the oppressed. My breast burned within me when I saw the poor man trampled on. I sheltered a bondmanI was vexed with the lawstripped of my allbeggared, and nothing left me but bondage or a jail!I am weary of the hard hand that presses down the poor! Holy father, let me join the good cause."

      BETTOS, OR GROOMS, IN FULL DRESS. BETTOS, OR GROOMS, IN FULL DRESS."Christian men," returned the dusty-foot, good-humouredly, "would be suffocated in this poisonous air you breathe, and would die, like the heathen, without benefit of clergy."

      "But you have brought nothing to put the body in?""Note down this speech, Father John," said the messenger. "And now, Baron of Sudley, I formally demand, in the name of Simon Sudbury, the mitred abbot of Winchcombe, the body of Edith Holgrave, whom you impiously and rebelliously detain against the privileges of holy church: and"

      Before the arrival of foreigners in Japan it was not the fashion for a traveller to be in a hurry, and, even at the present time, it is not always easy to make a native understand the value of a day or an hour. A man setting out on a journey did not concern himself about the time he would consume on the road; if the weather was unfavorable, he was perfectly willing to rest for an indefinite period, and it mattered little if he occupied three weeks in making a journey that could be covered in one. In matters of business the Japanese have not yet learned the importance of time, and the foreign merchants complain greatly of the native dilatoriness. A Japanese will make a contract to deliver goods at a certain date; on the day appointed, or perhaps a week or two later, he will inform the other party to the agreement that he will not be ready for a month or two, and he is quite unable to comprehend the indignation of the disappointed merchant. He demurely says, "I can't have the goods ready," and does not realize that he has given any cause for anger. Time is of no consequence to him, and he cannot understand that anybody else should have any regard for it. The Japanese are every year becoming more and more familiarized with the foreign ways of business, and will doubtless learn, after a while, the advantages of punctuality.

      Nice books, said Charles."My lord abbot, my soul is guiltless of any crime which the church in its mercy absolves, or the law in its justice punishesI am neither murderess nor witch. As much would my soul abhor communing with the spirits of darkness, as my heart would shrink from destroying the innocent"


      Your father doesnt like working hours interfered with, my dear, said Mrs Keeling. But well do what we can. Anyhow, Mr Silverdale will have to change before he goes to church.


      "And that the lords shall give up their castles, and keep no retainers, and that all the lawyers shall be hanged!" said Turner.I quite see your point, Mr Keeling, he said. Now you put it to me so plainly, I only wonder{75} that I did not think of it before. I am afraid we shall have a melancholy meeting.


      This proposition was then eagerly adopted and decided upon without a dissentient voice.