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      Ohahwe were going over some old favorites of Lord Trafford. What a pity it is that you dont play, dont care for music, Esmeralda!

      Welcome home, my dear! he said in his thin, quavering voice. It is very good of you to come so soon.

      The lie was badly delivered, but he did not notice her momentary hesitation and confusion. He took a step toward the stairs, a hideous thought, suspicion, dread, flashing across his mind.

      "H-oh! already, egcep' inside me, I'm dead."

      "But how?" they further asked. "He had left good-by? Good-day, yes! But for what good-by when juz' returning?"

      Hilary laughed to the skies, the rest echoing.



      Speak! he said, and conceal nothing from us.CHAPTER XXXVII.


      In a few minutes they heard the clatter of horses hoofs, but not a word, so implicitly was Varley obeyed. He and Norman rode toward the road. Neither of them at that moment thought of Normans mission, or, indeed, cared anything about it. Esmeralda was in danger, and everything else was of secondary importance.