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      Why not? she said, pleasantly. Theres no harm in talking, surely, and I shall not say anything that I mind their hearing. Do you know how long I am to be kept here?

      The whole room was laughing, Hilary loudest, but the youth's voice prevailed. "It'll hold good!" He turned upon the detective: "Won't it?"

      The silent man let his smile mean yes, and the alert company applauded. "Go h-on with the weddingg!" ordered the superior Mandeville.When Sylvia smiles.

      "Oh, sent!" cried half the group. "Steve," called Kincaid, "your horse is fresh--"Amid the vines, amid the leaves Peer forth the lustrous grapes....


      Esmeralda! he said, hoarsely.


      Do you mean that he has been bad to you? he asked. Remember that I am your guardian.


      But a few days, a few days.'"He went up to town and wandered from his rooms to the club, from the club to his rooms. Men and women greeted him with hushed voices and sympathetic looks, and he returned their greetings with the unnatural calmness which had fallen upon him since he had discovered her flight; but very often he did not know to whom he was speaking. He was leading a life in death, moving and speaking like a man in a dream. He had promised Lady Wyndover that he would seek for Esmeralda at once; but he did not seek for her; he felt that it was of no use. By this time she and Norman were hidden away beyond pursuit.