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      "To dig up the old witch out of the grave!" inquired the foreman with a stare of astonishment. "To unearth a dead body! By the green wax! man, your long fast has touched your brain!"

      Stupid? I am always stupid, he said. I{206} want to do something for everybody committed to my charge. I want to give myself to the drunkards and the drabs and the unbelievers. But I am like a foolish cook: I do not know how to serve myself up so as to become palatable.

      "Were you reared on this barony, Margaret?" resumed the baron.

      It may, perhaps, be superfluous to add, that all the legal information scattered through the volume, is strictly correct; and every historical event, as nearly so as the machinery of the tale permitted. The critical reader, whose indulgence the writer solicits, will immediately perceive from whence the information has been derived."What say you, brethren?" resumed the foreman, looking at the rest: "our friend served usand besides, it is a pity to let good things go a-begging."


      "I was right, Margaret," said he, "it was Calverley that set the usurer upon taking the land. He gave the miser something handsome, and John Byles is to have it upon an easy rent!"Byles made the required asseveration, and took the price.


      "Hasten, master, open the door," answered the servitor.


      "This is most interesting," said Anne icily, raising her lorgnette and looking at Reuben as if he were a bad smell.T. W. K.