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      If he could have seen and understood the smile which gleamed in Lady Adas cold eyes as she undressed that night, he would not have felt quite so serene and self-satisfied. It is said that there is a good deal of the serpent in every woman, but Lady Ada was all serpent as she stood before the glass looking at her faultily faultless face, and recalling the scene at the piano and Traffords frown. If she could only separate Trafford from the girl he had married! She had no plan deftly formed as yet, butwell, she would wait and watch. Meanwhile, things promised well.The Penman took alarm immediately.

      He smiled.

      I do not know.Yes, she said, looking at the plate.

      The quay, and the water, and the few faint lights here and there grew dark, and she knew no more, till she heard the sailors crying, "Yeo, heave, yeo," and the heavy sails flapping, and the creak of the boom as it swayed in the wind, and felt the dancing motion of the boat as she cut her way through the waves, felt the strong arm that clasped her, and heard the low, fond voice that murmured in her ear, "Isola, Isola, forgive me! I could not live without you."

      Bill the postman glanced round with an air of triumph and satisfaction.

      At that same moment Simon dropped the fatal handkerchief, and Varley fired.


      Her long lashes swept her cheek, and she was silent for a moment or two, but as they passed through the lodge gates, she exclaimed again:He lingered some time, and, unconsciously, seemed loath to depart; and, when he left her, it was with a whispered Until to-morrow, which had a ring in it that was quite new to his voice. He walked home thinking of the wedding. Now and again the remembrance of Ada came to trouble him, but he thrust it away from him. He would think of nothing and no one that night but Esmeralda, the girl he was going to make his wife, the girl he was going to vow to love and cherish, the girl who was going to give him so muchher own sweet self, her wealth, and her lovein exchange for what?



      Ah! said Lord Selvaine, blandly, but how long shall we be able to conceal the truth from him? The Jews are a patient race, but even they will not wait for their pound of flesh forever. I dont know exactly how we stand; but I have taken the liberty to ask Helby to step up after dinner, and we will go through that most objectionable performance known as a business talk.