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      [Pg 126]

      Please, he said, with a little air of command.

      Does any one play any more to-night? he asked.

      What a great deal we must have to tell each other, she continued, sweetly. I really dont know where to begin! By the way, Mr. Pinchook was obliged to hurry away, and asked me to say good-bye to you for him. He is a very nice old gentleman, dont you think?


      "Perhaps if I had been born anywhere else I should not have been so ready to fall in love with a soldier," answered Isola. "I was brought up to think a knight and a warrior the one ideal: and so I was fascinated by the first soldier who took any notice of me."


      "I have no doubt she is very clever and very nice; but, as I could not have you, I preferred being alone," answered Isola.The words rang in Traffords ears as they rode home; he knew that the woman had spoken the truth.


      Quitequite! said the duke, cheerfully. I am not quite so strong as I used to be, but one must not be surprised at that. Come and sit here. He motioned to a seat beside him, and Trafford sat down, and put his hand on the arm of the dukes chair. The old man laid his own hand upon his sons strong one, and patted it. I am glad you and Selvaine have come down, Trafford; indeed, I was on the point of asking Lilias to write, and ask you to do so; for I wanted to talk to you on a matter of business.