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      Pen's sore heart warmed gratefully towards her father.

      Iberville had triumphed over the storms, the icebergs, and the English. The north had seen his prowess, and another fame awaited him in the regions of the sun; for he became the father of 394 Louisiana, and his brother Bienville founded New Orleans. [3]Bienville, who had been permitted to resume his authority, paints the state of the colony to his masters, and tells them that the inhabitants are dying of hunger,not all, however, for he mentions a few exceptional cases of prosperity. These were certain thrifty colonists from Rochelle, who, says Bienville, have grown rich by keeping dram-shops, and now want to go back to France; but he has set a watch over them, thinking it just that they should be forced to stay in the colony.[302] This was to add the bars of a prison to the other attractions of the new home.

      CHAPTER I.

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      On the day before, Drucour, with his chief officers and the engineer, Franquet, had made the 71Contrec?ur Vaudreuil, 14 Juillet, 1755. Estat de l'Artillerie, etc., qui se sont trouvs sur le Champ de Bataille. Vaudreuil au Ministre, 5 Ao?t, 1755. Bigot au Ministre, 27 Ao?t. Relation du Combat du 9 Juillet. Relation depuis le Dpart des Trouppes de Qubec jusqu'au 30 du Mois de Septembre. Lotbinire d'Argenson, 24 Oct. Relation officielle imprime au Louvre. Relation de Godefroy (Shea). Extraits du Registre du Fort Duquesne (Ibid.). Relation de diverses Mouvements (Ibid.). Pouchot, I. 37.



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