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      "I hear as how it's a liddle son...."

      "No, sir, I believe you have little reason to love him any more than other people"

      I found it an excellent sermon, he said, with admirable neutrality; I only hope that MrMr Silverdale will give us such good ones.

      They were in a huge meadow, sloping upwards to mysterious, night-wrapped hedges. The moonlight still trembled over the marsh, kindling sudden streaks of water, steeping fogs, silvering pollards and reeds. One could distinctly see the little houses on the Kent side of the Rother, Ethnam, and Lossenham, and Lambstand, some with lights blinking from them, others just black patches on the moon-grey country. Rose looked out towards them, and tried to picture in each a hearth beside which a husband and wife sat united ... then suddenly they were blotted out, as Handshut's face loomed dark between her and them, and his lips slowly fastened on her own.

      Damned condescending of her, thought Keeling to himself. What right had a secretary at twenty-five shillings a week to send him messages through her brother? But if a message was to be sent, he was glad it was that one.




      Im afraid thats quite impossible, sir, she said, now that you have told me that you dont consider my work worth that. Good-morning, sir.