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      [Pg 299]Three years later, the Sieur de Rmonville, a friend of La Salle, proposed the formation of a company for the settlement of Louisiana, and called for immediate action as indispensable to anticipate the English.[288] The English were, in fact, on the point of taking possession of the mouth of the Mississippi, and were prevented only by the prompt intervention of the rival nation.

      The troops were led back to Fort Roland, where about five hundred regulars and militia were now collected under command of Vaudreuil. On the next day, eighty men from Fort Rmy attempted to join them; but the Iroquois had slept off the effect of their orgies, and were again on the alert. The unfortunate detachment was set upon by a host of savages, and cut to pieces in full sight of Fort Roland. All were killed or captured, except Le Moyne de Longueuil, and a few others, who escaped within the gate of Fort Rmy. [36]"Why should he leave his pistol behind to convict him?" she asked. "Why should he introduce himself to us under his right name?"

      "But the stairs!"[126] Roman politique sur l'tat prsent des Affaires de l'Amrique (Amsterdam, 1756). For extracts from French Documents, see Appendix B.

      "The bottom is soft. We'd sink to the knees."After awhile he said: "It's a great thought, isn't it, to think of having somebody you could be absolutely honest with?"

      [62] Longueuil au Ministre, 21 Avril, 1752.[701] Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760.

      [63] Le Ministre la Jonquire, 1752. Le Ministre Duquesne, 9 Juillet, 1752.

      [165] Ibid., 25."The bottom is soft. We'd sink to the knees."




      [4] Frontenac au Ministre, 25 Oct., 1696.V2 promised succor. "How could I trust it?" he asks. "The army had not dared to face the enemy before he had fortified himself; and could I hope that it would come to attack him in an intrenched camp, defended by a formidable artillery?" Whatever may be thought of his conduct, it was to Vaudreuil, and not to him, that the loss of Quebec was due.


      The Critic. "It was not his eloquence that they admired, but his extravagant pretensions, his bursts of rage, and his unworthy treatment of those who did not agree with him.""As for coming down here," Riever went on, "that was just an impulse. I was so shocked at the moment I could think of nothing else ... Perhaps it was foolish. But I can't say I regret it because it has made me acquainted with you."